The 14th ELTA Program in Kupang

English Language Training Assistance Programme (ELTA ) is designed to help Australia Awards scholarship applicants at Masters level to achieve the minimum score requirement of IELTS 5.0. The aim of the programme is to improve English language proficiency in four skill areas (listening, reading, writing & speaking). Furthermore, the programme also teaches test-taking strategies so that participants can successfully achieve the expected IELTS score and ultimately secure an Australia Awards scholarship.

The 14th ELTA in East Nusa Tenggara was held in Kupang City, from 18 September to 9 December 2024. The training was facilitated by English language trainers from Indonesia Australia Language Foundation Bali (IALF, or Yayasan Bahasa Indonesia Australia) and several qualified trainers from Nusa Cendana University and other institutions in Kupang City. There were 28 participants and nine trainers for the 14th ELTA programme in Kupang. Three of the nine ELTA trainers are lecturers from the English Language Education Study Programme.

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