Undana English Education Study Program's Leap to Excellence: Preparation for FIBAA Accreditation Gets a Boost in the Workshop on Finalising the Preparation of Self Evaluation Report (SER)

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Undana On 6-7 November 2023, Nusa Cendana University held a workshop to finalize the preparation of the Self Evaluation Report (SER) for FIBAA. This activity is an important milestone in preparing four study programs for the evaluation process, namely Bachelor's Degree Programme in Pancasila and Civic Education, Bachelor's Degree Programme in English Education Study Program, Bachelor's Degree Indonesian Language and Literature, and Magister's Degree Programme in Linguistics. In order to perfect the SER draft on criteria 1-5, this workshop presented two resource persons, namely Mrs Titi Setiyoningsih, S.Pd., M.Pd. and Prof. Dr. Kundharu Saddhono, S.S., M.Hum from Surakarta State University (UNS).

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The workshop was opened by Undana's Vice Rector 1 Prof. Dr. drh. Annytha I.R. Detha, M.S, and fully supported by the Dean of FKIP Undana, Dr. Malkisedek Taneo, M. Si, and the Head of the Quality Assurance Agency (LP3M) succeeded in creating a collaborative environment. The presence of international accreditation task force teams from each study programme added the dimension of expertise needed to refine the SER draft. In-depth evaluation of criteria 1-5 became the main focus, with the hope that the finalised SER draft could meet the strict standards set by FIBAA under the guidance of the resource persons.

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The taskforce team from the English Education Study Programme, consisting of 1 Administrative Staff Bapak Yosua Falukas, S. Sos as IT Website of English Education Study Programme, and 10 lecturers each. Bapak Drs. Alexander H. Kabelen, MA, Ibu Novriani S. Manafe, S.S, M. Ed (TESOL), Ibu Gracia M. N. Otta, S. Pd., M. Hum, Elisna Huan, S. PD., M. Hum, Ibu Dewi I. n. Bili Bora, S. PD., M. Hum., Ibu Selfiana Mbadi, S. Pd., M. Ed, Merlyn K. Nelloe, S. PD., M. Ed., M. App.Ling, Ibu Gupuh Rahayu, M. Pd, Ibu Diana Kale, S. Pd., M. Hum, dan Ibu Zantty O. Padahana, S. Pd., M. Pdled by the Chairman of the Prodi Task Force Team, Bapak Yanpitherzon Liunokas, S. Pd., M. Humperformed exceptionally in compiling the Self Evaluation Report (SER) with a focus on criteria and physical evidence. According to Liunokas, the team has dedicatedly delved deeply into every aspect relevant to the quality of education, collecting and analysing physical evidence that supports each statement. 

The effective leadership of Mr Yanpitherzon Liunokas, S. Pd., M. Hum ensured smooth coordination among team members, while good collaboration and communication encouraged the achievement of common goals. The excellent performance of this taskforce reflects the commitment of the English Education Study Programme of Nusa Cendana University in maintaining and improving academic standards towards excellent accreditation.

Through this activity, Nusa Cendana University shows a high commitment to improving the quality of its education and academics. With full support from resource persons and task force team, the finalisation process of SER draft is expected to produce a strong and representative report, ready to be sent to FIBAA to achieve the desired level of international accreditation.(EH)

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