English students undertake cross-border education mission in Southeast Asia

The SEA Teacher Programme is a teacher exchange programme between ASEAN countries that aims to strengthen regional integration and expand opportunities for students and teachers to enhance academic and professional experiences. Students majoring in education can apply to teach in elementary or secondary schools in other ASEAN countries, including the Philippines. They are placed in a school to teach for about one month.

The programme provides an opportunity for students to gain overseas teaching experience, improve their English language skills, and broaden their cultural horizons. It also benefits the schools where they teach, by introducing their students to the cultures and languages of other ASEAN countries. The SEA Teacher Programme is managed by the Philippine Ministry of Education and Culture and supported by the Philippine Government and ASEAN Governments. Students who successfully join the programme will receive a certificate and valuable experience in education.

In the first batch in October-November 2023, two students from the English Education study programme had the opportunity to be involved in this programme. Then, the second wave was followed by three students in November-December 2023. Lecturer of English Education Study Programme, Selfiana Priscila Mbadi, S.Pd., M.Ed. also visited the students in the Philippines and participated in the programme. Southeast ASIA Student Mobility and Advance Technology Metaverse Summit which resulted in the signing of a co-operation plan (Framework of CooperationThe collaboration plan was signed between Nusa Cendana University and several universities in the Philippines, including Iloilo State University of Fisheries and Mariano Marcos State University. The total number of universities that signed the cooperation plan with UNDANA is 6 (six) universities from the Philippines.

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