Debate on Study Program in FKIP Undana Hall

FKIP Nusa Cendana University (Undana) annually held the English Debate Championship, as a means to hone students' ability to speak fluent English and also to motivate students to get used to communicating and interacting using English.

The expected output of the English Debate Championship 2024 at the FKIP level is the selection of representatives of the debate team who will participate at the university level who will compete with representatives from other faculties within the scope of Nusa Cendana University.

English Debate Championship at FKIP Undana was held on 15-16 February 2024. To equip debate participants, a Debate Seminar was also held on Tuesday, 13 February 2024, at the FKIP Undana Hall. The number of participants in the 2024 FKIP Undana English Debate Championship competition were 14 debate teams from the PPKN Study Programme, English Education Study Programme, PGSD Study Programme, BK Study Programme, Chemistry Education Study Programme and Mathematics Education Study Programme.

The form of this activity is an English debate competition with conditions and rules according to British Parliamentary Debate System in the National University Debating Championship (NUDC) guidelines. Using a parliamentary debate format, EDC requires students to not only be able to express ideas in English, but also be able to master global knowledge, analyse, make judgements, and convince the public regarding the specified motion or debate theme.

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