Online System, E2SPDC 2021 Goes Smoothly!


Undana – DThe English Education Study Program at Nusa Cendana University held the E2SPDC (English Education Study Program Debating Championship) involving talented representatives from the class of 2018, 2019, and 2020 for three consecutive days Thursday, Friday and Saturday (21/03). This activity was carried out online using the Zoom Pro application because it was related to the Covid 19 Pandemic that was happening. Even so, the activity still went well with the presence of 6 judges (2 of them were external judges from out of town) and 16 teams of debaters, along with 10 committees who were divided into several rooms to control the course of the debate activities.

The day before the debate activity, the committee held a special session, namely: Seminar on Debating which aims to explain and provide guidelines for debate participants so that there is no miss-communication during the debate activities. The English Education Study Program Debating Championship (E2SPDC) was enthusiastically welcomed by students from the class of 2018, 2019, and 2020. They felt happy to be able to participate in this activity, "adding experience" said one of the debate participants who was interviewed at the time. 

The study program organized this activity for a reason, looking at the current pandemic situation and conditions that did not discourage students' interest and ability to add insight and express themselves in the academic field. The teams of debaters competed actively and straightforwardly. How could they not? The committee has presented a jury that is no less great and more experienced. For this reason, the assessment and selection of champions certainly does not choose based on one side alone. Rather, it is seen from various criteria, which in the end are divided into several categories of winners, including; the best speaker category and the best debate team category.

The best speaker category was won by Inglora Larischel Leobisa, class IVA class of 2019. While the best debate team category was won by Patrisius Eka Putra Trikora and Diosius Sefriyadi Jagu, class VIA class of 2018. "The results they achieved were not easy, but required a lot of preparation and maturity to present and defend their respective arguments. But thankfully, this activity went as expected." said one of the E2SPDC committee members.

According to the Head of the English Education Study Program at Nusa Cendana University, Elisna Huan, S.Pd, M. Hum, "the purpose of this activity is to educate, develop, and improve students' confidence in argumentation. If the winner has been obtained then they will represent the English Education Study Program to the Faculty level competition later." she concluded. (RR)

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