English Education Study Program that excels in quality and competes at the national and international levels.

  1. Providing quality education and teaching services in order to produce graduates of English language educators and teachers who are qualified and foreign-powered.
  2. Providing quality research services to improve the quality of English education and teaching services and support the development and welfare of society.
  3. Providing community service activities that are humanist and respect diversity.
  4. Implementing an effective, efficient, and accountable professional management system.
  5. Building a network of cooperative partnerships with stakeholders, graduate users, and domestic and foreign higher education.
  6. Fostering and developing student potential in the fields of reasoning, sports, and arts.
  1. Providing graduates of Bachelor of English Education as Teachers, Translators, International Journalists and Entrepreneurs in the field of English (Edupreneur) who are qualified and professional in accordance with the needs of Stakeholders and in line with the competencies set out in KKNI.
  2. Developing and disseminating the results of research and service in the field of English Language Education that are innovative, creative and also contribute to society, nation and state.
  3. Developing science and technology and innovation in the field of English Language Education to support the development of a society that is characterised, empowered, and plays an active role in achieving the development goals of the Nation and State.
  4. Achieving competitive and comparative benefits of the English Education Study Program that are accountable, efficient, effective and good governance through the application of resource management principles in accordance with the principles of professional management.
  5. Making the English Education Study Programme as a study programme that has good university governance, healthy and has high competitiveness by creating a positive cooperation relationship (mutual relationship) between institutions, institutions, agencies and related stakeholders for the improvement, development and sustainability of the study programme's work programmes, so as to be able to take part in the formation of smart and independent Bachelor of English Education. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)